Tailored Engagements for Marketing and Telecom

Who we are?
We are msgFactory, a Digital Transformation Agency for the Telecom and Marketing industries. We are a group of consultants with over 15 years of experience in various sectors. We take care of our clients and their resources as if they were ours. Because only in this way can we sustainably accomplish the mission we are aiming to serve.

Why we do it?
To lead innovation with technological solutions.

How we do it? 
Developing and implementing a defined strategy, Developing software. Selecting the best digital platforms and technology. Improving digital processes and focusing on digital business transformation.


Enterprise Messaging

Messaging automation. Automation of digital marketing processes.

GATEWAY SMS - SMS messaging solution, SaaS or on customer infrastructure, for critical and non-critical communications between the company and its customers, enabling an improvement of the service. 

Digital Marketing

Consulting, Design and implementation of digital communication strategies. Digital media advisory. Production of digital content (video, web & design).

Consulting for the digital transformation of companies, using technological solutions in the areas of messaging, communication and marketing automation.

msgFactory develops projects for clients looking to innovate by adopting or updating the digital process. Whether it is to create new ways of engaging with consumers, solving technology challenges or increasing new business areas that benefit from an innovative digital strategy.

Marketing Technology

Supply and implementation of marketing technology solutions. Representatives and Integrators of: 





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